A Marvelous Conceit (antitimelord) wrote in brb_gallifrey,
A Marvelous Conceit

It's that time again...maybe? Instead of the Pub being at the End of the Universe, the end of the universe is at the Pub! In the form of the ever-apocalyptic (and festive!) Zagreus. B| Who hates Christmas. And may have incapacitated the Pub's owner, once again. Oops. Which makes the...decorations that much more noteworthy, you know, for all their lack of coherence; they represent quite a sacrifice on his part. There's mistletoe (Did you know it's poisonous?) and...things with bells? Drink the eggnog at your own risk. And do you want to know where he got a Santa hat? No, no you do not. And all this for the low low entry price of one gift! To Zagreus, of course. Make it good. He sees you when you're sleeping, knows when you're...oh wait. Wrong thing.
Tags: everyone hit on zagreus tonight, pervy zagreus fanciers, rp, zagreus sees you in your bed

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