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RP: Taken Characters, Guidelines, App/Drop, Post Ideas, Questions

Welcome to the big ol' RP post. Any questions or concerns you have should be addressed within, but if they're not, please comment and ask! All comments are screened.

PLEASE NOTE: You must be a member of the community to apply for the RP. If you'd like to join the community, see this post.

Once you have joined the RP, please see this HOW-TO post.

Taken Characters


Theta Sigma (thestarseed): sm47
Two (doktor_von_wer): bonamoz
Five (the_5thdoc): faience
Fivebot (Caves of Androzani) (fifthandroid): harbek
Six (the_bestdoctor): cosmic_celery
Nine (andifweletgo): abbynormalbrain
John Smith!Ten (aliasjohnsmith): sm47
Handy (bluesuit_handy): spoofmaster
Eleven (1elevenses1): sm47
Ganger!Eleven (raggedyganger): maratini
Twelve (Curse of the Fatal Death) (12for5seconds): seb_daryus

Classic Who Friends and Companions

Ace McShane (along_time_gone): tula_peiwa
Barbara Wright (first_in_time): spammypod
Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart (units_brigadier): canadiancharles
Charley Pollard (whoneverwas) : faience
Evelyn Smythe (drsmythe): nilamarthiel
Fitz Kreiner (fitz_fortune) : cosmic_celery
Frobisher (bigtalkingbird): dragonessa24
Grace Holloway (asgoodasme): 4you_blue_jway
Hex Schofield (saidomg): notusachan
Iris Wildthyme (wildthyme_iris) : maratini
Jamie McCrimmon (creag_an_tuire): notusachan
Kroton (whatanovelty): bonamoz
Liz Shaw (dr_liz_shaw): brunhilde_1013
Lolita (Master's TARDIS) (a_bit_cracked): hobbit_feets
Lucie Miller (ohgodcrocodiles): shinydinosaur
Mike Yates (cptnyates) : platoapproved
Robert the Butterfly: (iamtheprettyone): abbynormalbrain
Romana II (i_prefer_fred): brunhilde_1013
The TARDIS (theoldgirl): dragonessa24
Tegan Jovanka (amouthonlegs) : maratini
Vislor Turlough (wayward_trion): cosmic_celery
Victoria Waterfield (ohfiddle): platoapproved

New Who Friends and Companions

Amelia Pond (age 7) praystosanta: a_proclivity
Amy Pond (hi_amy): faience
Canton Everett Delaware III (canton3): harbek
Elton Pope (cloudsnmyeyes): solidfoamsoul
Idris (pull_to_open): crumplysnorkack
Joan Redfern (was_she_happy): solidfoamsoul
Lucy Saxon (firstladylucy): harbek
Rory Williams (rorythemurse): crumplysnorkack
Wilfred Mott (redhatgramps): erture


Koschei, age seventeen (teen_of_time): psifi872
Delgado!Master (darkpath_master): canadiancharles
Ainley!Master (traken_master): psifi872
Roberts!Master (aswellasyou): ohliamylia
Simm!Master (this_time_i_win): spoofmaster

Bad Guys

CORDIS (canofwords): dragonessa24
Davros (i_am_davros): spammypod
General Staal (Sontaran) (general_staal): canadiancharles
Ironsides, the Sensitive Dalek (jubilaaaate): crumplysnorkack
Maylin Tekker (tekker): bonamoz
Nobody No-One (thewordlord): platoapproved
The Rani (renegade_rani): 4you_blue_jway
Rassilon (free_of_time): azure_blau
Son of Mine (eversoclever1): tweedymcgee
Zagreus (antitimelord): die_monster


Ianto Jones (te_gwas) : ohliamylia


Character pool party and limits
Anyone can apply to play a character! The current limit is three characters per person. If you have three and you'd like to pick up another, you'll have to drop one of your current characters. All Doctor Who media (novels, comics, audios, spin-offs, et cetera) and all characters therein are fair game as far as choice goes. Characters who technically haven't featured in any media will be considered on a case-by-case basis (if, for instance, you want to play an Academy-aged Drax, which you should, because Drax is great).

Canon points, sort of, but not really
The idea is that we’re taking the characters from as far as their canon as they can be, if not after it. Everything that we have seen Character X do, essentially, Character X knows about, because it’s already happened for him/her. Oh, here, I’ve found the very original premise: “It's like everyone's dead and chilling in the afterlife. Sort of.” Yeah, kinda like that. It makes sense if you don’t think about it too hard. It makes character interactions easier (you don't have to worry if someone has met your character yet) and gives you a blank canvas to work with (you character can grow without boundaries, since there's nothing left they have to line up with).

Inactivity policy
We don't have activity checks here, not like some comms - we're not going to make you link us to threads you've done every month to prove that you're active. We are going to keep an eye out, though, and if we don't see a character around for a month or so we'll contact you with a reminder. If we don't see your character for two weeks after that, we'll remove them from the RP. We're not asking for much - we understand you may be busy with school, life, and other pesky things. There's no minimum posting amount to be considered active, but if you only comment once a month to keep your character we will take notice and say something.

Requesting taken characters
If you would like to apply for a character that has already been taken, there is hope! Respond to this post with a request for a taken character and a completed app for that character. We will contact the player of that character letting them know someone is interested (don't worry, we won't reveal your identity) and asking if they wish to continue playing that character. If the answer is no, we will then consider your application. If the answer is yes... that's how the cookie crumbles, sorry.


To apply, comment on this entry (all comments are screened) with your completed application. This includes:

Character name:
Preferred method of contact: Email with your email, AIM with your SN, or just leave it blank if you actually check/get notifications for your LJ inbox, which is our default method of contact.
Writing sample:: Write something that features your character - an original scene, an existing scene from their point of view, an entry from their diary, et cetera. Spelling/grammar are important. There is no word minimum/limit to this section, but the less you write, the harder it is to tell how awesome you are. Note: we'd like to see something original; that is, not a copy of a tag or a link to a thread (though we do like links to threads as a bonus, to see the character ~in action).

We will respond to your comment letting you know if it's been accepted or rejected (and if so, why). If accepted, respond with the character journal and you join the comm with it! You can create a new journal or use a preexisting one from another game, if you have one for that character.


If you ever want to drop a character (DON'T LEAVE US WE LOVE YOU), just comment on this entry stating the character and journal name. The reason isn't necessary - school, right? :\ - but if it's because of something you'd like to complain about, please, let us know! We'll respond when we've removed your character from the list. Once that's complete, please have that character's journal leave the comm. You can drop characters even when apps are closed.

Post Ideas

Once upon a time, an anonymous loomling made a secret at secretsintime about being too shy to post their great RP ideas. It's okay, anonymous loomling! If you have an inkling, a theory, an epiphany, any sort of idea for an RP post that you're too shy to post yourself, just comment on this post and tell us about it! If we like it - and chances are we'll love it - we can discuss it further or you can let us deal with all the fiddly details, whatever you prefer. The result should be a shiny new RP post (put up by either you or us, again, up to you).

Don't know who to play? Here's a good place to start. And again, if there's anything you want to know, any questions or complaints or anything at all, please comment!

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