brbgmod (brbgmod) wrote in brb_gallifrey,

Welcome to brb_gallifrey!

If you've enjoyed the example posts of our community and would like to have access to ALL THE BENEFITS of being a member - that is, being able to see and participate in all the posts, getting your regular dose of Doctor Who related hilarity, making friends with the crazy people your fellow Whovians and joining our RP (just the place to hit on your favorite Doctor!) - then simply join and wait for a mod to ~approve you. We only ask that you drop us a line about how you found us in a comment to this post, or show up for the next bonding post and introduce yourself there.

Just remember:
- We love all things Doctor Who. Here, we appreciate the show while making fun of it.
- Membership is moderated, but we take all the cool kids.
- Read the rules on the profile page before jumping in.
- No need for intro posts, simply reply to the next bonding post and introduce yourself there.
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