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The Doctor

Fitz's Birthday/Disney Party

[So remember a few days ago when you all received invitations in the mail? No? Well shut up, you totally did, just roll with it. Invitations to Fitz's birthday party. And it's a themed costume party, the invitations stated. "Please come dressed as your favourite Disney animation character. Or not your favourite, if you'd rather dress as a different character" they stated.

[Well, now the time is here. Wherever and whenever you are, that familiar old Time Scoop scoops you up and drops you off just outside the TARDIS. The doors are open, and as you walk in there are signs pointing you down the long corridors to the butterfly room. Tables have been set up with all the usual party refreshments and there is some music playing.]

((Yep, it's an RP party! And also yep, it's Fitz's 75th birthday today. RP characters and normal people alike can post in here, you all remember how these go yeah? :D HAVE FUN! And don't forget your costume. Though the Doctor probably wouldn't get too terribly upset if you need to go raid the TARDIS wardrobe.))
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