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27 October 2010 @ 12:55 pm


Not that crack, you pervs, the crack in the universe that the Doctor claims he fixed by piloting the TARDIS into the blahblahblah season finale recap blahblahblah.

It looks like a tiny little bit of it survived (as often does in the Whoniverse when the writers get lazy searching for new story ideas) and has appeared here at brbg! :O :O :O

Funny thing about this crack it isn't trying to pull you in and erase you from ever existing. In a Halloweenish twist, this one is pulling beings through from other places. These being are from other parts of time and space and even realities. Yeah, I said it, realities. So there are going to be some weird characters around. Around where, you ask? A big, spooky mansion of course! With lots of creeky doors that lead to dark rooms filled with I don't even know what. Go explore with your new friends and find out!]

((OOC: What does this mean? /doublerainbowguy

As usual in party posts, members and RP characters can interact. But the twist here since this post is UNLOCKED, you can bring your RP characters from outside the comm out to play in the brbg!verse! Anything goes in this post - any fandom, any character, even if we already have the character.

And if you find the whole "OMG WHY AM I HERE" stuff tedious (like me), you can pretend that one of the side effects of being in brbg is that weird is par for the course and doesn't bother your character too much. It's part of the magic in the brownies. ;o)

This post will remain open until Nov 1 3rd. A week. Then I will lock it to avoid confusing potential new members, looking for the app post.))